Health Business Digital Incubator

Simple tech solutions to create more time, money and fun in your health business. | taught by Karen Finnin
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Karen Finnin
Karen Finnin
Digital Health Expert

About the instructor

Hi, my name is Karen Finnin. I am a Physiotherapist, and I help health professionals to use digital technologies to create more time, opportunity and fun in their businesses.

In 2011 I launched Online.Physio, Australia’s first entirely online Physiotherapy clinic. As a result of the success of Online.Physio, i have become one of Australia’s leading authorities within the telehealth (online health consultation) industry.

  • I present at digital health conferences in Australia and overseas
  • I am a founding member of the International Society of Digital Medicine
  • I work on telehealth advocacy with the Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • I am part of the Digital Practice Taskforce defining telehealth in Physiotherapy for the World Confederation of Physical Therapy and the International Network of Physical Therapy Regulatory Authorities
  • I liaise with leading health insurers to develop rebate strategies for telehealth consultations

I am passionate about opportunities at the intersection between health, business and technology, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you.

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The Health Business Digital Incubator is a comprehensive digital learning experience designed to bring essential technology and digital skills to health professionals. This course will enable you to:

  • Develop a recognisable brand that is appealing and compelling to your audience
  • Create content that draws people to you, rather than your competitors
  • Develop products that create extra income without direct time input from you
  • Execute marketing that is cost effective, modern and time efficient
  • Create a patient experience that exceeds expectations and is less work for you
  • Develop systems that make it easy for your business to run without you

The course content includes worksheets and videos, plus audio and text based education, giving you a dynamic, convenient and stimulating learning environment. You will complete the course with a clear framework of action steps and checklists to guide every step in the digital growth of your health business.

Course Contents

28 Texts