Course Description

Living a mobile digital life gives you great freedom, but the cumulative effects of laptop use can lead to pain, injury and even permanent disability. If you work on a laptop, are you taking the steps required to ensure your body does not break down?

My Healthy Laptop Life is a 3 part course that teaches you the tips, equipment and exercises required to ensure that your laptop use is safe for your body.

Using an innovative platform with a combination of written, photo and video based learning, this program is designed by an experienced physiotherapist, ensuring that all of the advice is evidence based, safe and effective.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Karen Finnin

Karen graduated as a Physiotherapist from LaTrobe University in Melbourne, Australia, and has since completed a Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.With nearly 2 decades working in Private Practice settings, Karen has extensive experience in managing spinal injuries, general sporting injuries and work related conditions.She has travelled interstate and overseas with sporting teams, and has developed a number of education programs in fields such as core stability retraining, fit ball use, and injury management.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How To Live A Healthy Laptop Life

    • Getting Started

    • The Challenges Of Living A Laptop Life

    • The Tech Trap

  • 2

    The Ergonomics of Laptop Use

    • How To Pick The Right Desk Chair For You

    • How To Fit A Desk Chair To Your Body

    • How To Set Up Your Desk Ergonomics

    • Desk Ergonomics When Travelling

  • 3

    How to Avoid Low Back Pain

    • Avoid Lower Back Pain

    • Case Study - Jess

    • About Core Stability

    • Case Study - Boris

  • 4

    How to Avoid Mid Back Pain

    • Avoid Mid Back Pain

    • Case Study - Andrew

  • 5

    How To Avoid Neck Pain

    • Avoid Neck Pain

    • Upper Body Strength Exercises To Prevent Neck Pain

    • Case Study - Lucy

  • 6

    How to Avoid Wrist and Hand Pain

    • Avoid Wrist and Hand Pain

    • Case Study - Patricia

  • 7

    The Ultimate Healthy Laptop Equipment Guide

    • Equipment Guide

    • The Exercises